Undergraduate Research Assistant (URA)

Interested in research? If so, the Honors College URA Program may be just what you are looking for!

Honors College students who have completed their freshman year can participate formally in faculty research as a way of satisfying the honors activity requirement. UIC has a wealth of outstanding researchers, and the Undergraduate Research Assistant Program gives honors students an opportunity to work with some of them. The range of research activity is wide, including business, education, engineering, the humanities and the arts, the natural sciences and mathematics, and the social sciences.

Undergraduate Research Assistants are expected to put in approximately six hours a week on a project that is part of, or relevant to, the faculty member’s research. The faculty will explain how the work done by the student fits into the larger project, and will make sure that the activity, whatever it is, has educational benefit for the students.

Students who participate in the URA program should register for HON 225 when their URA application is submitted, and after arrangements have been made with a supervising faculty member. A directory of faculty/researchers, listing their research interests, is available through the Undergraduate Research Experience Website.

How to begin your URA:

  1. Select a faculty member with whom you would like to work
    Consult the Undergraduate Research Experience Website to look up online and identify areas of research and researchers interested in your assistance. You may also arrange your URA with a faculty/researcher not listed in the directory. Contact the researcher, discuss and confirm your participation.
  2. Register for HON 225
     Honors Research for 0 credit hours. You must also be registered for HON 222.
  3. Complete the URA Agreement Form, located on the Honors Activity Agreement Form webpage.
  4. Submit the signed URA agreement form to the front desk of the college.
    This must be signed and returned to the Honors College by the third week of the semester.
  5. Completion Form:Toward the end of the semester log into the Honors Activty Reporting System (HARS) to print out your completion form to be signed and returned to the college