There are a number of resources to help students achieve their goals and make their college experience a success.


  • Honors College Academic Advising: A distinctive feature of the Honors College is the availability of personalized advising. Stop by our front desk to sign-up for an appointment.
  • Academic Center for Excellence: The Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) is a multifaceted academic support program designed to help UIC students accomplish their academic goals. ACE is open to all UIC students, from freshman through graduate level.
  • Honors College Tutoring: The Honors College Tutoring Program gives you access to qualified Honors College students to help you in almost every subject.
  • Math Learning Center: The Mathematical Sciences Learning Center offers a comfortable setting and both TA and peer tutoring.
  • Science Learning Center: At the Science Learning Center (SLC) students can obtain tutoring in any of the 100-level science courses from graduate teaching assistants who keep regular office hours each week.
  • The Writing Center: The Writing Center provides on-campus support for all students who are interested in becoming better writers.
  • UIC Study Abroad Office: The Study Abroad Program offers you the opportunity to study abroad while remaining enrolled at UIC and receiving direct UIC credit on your transcript. The UIC Study Abroad Office offers a great variety of programs around the world in virtually any field of study. Opportunities are available for the academic year, semester or summer terms.


  • Career Services: The staff at OCS has scheduled a number of workshops, fairs, and other recruitment events to prepare you for and assist you with your job search.



  • Wellness Center: The Wellness Center at UIC encourages students, staff, and faculty to make informed decisions about lifestyle choices by seeking up to date information and by following their own best instincts and values.
  • Student Health Services: Students enrolled at University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) have access to a wide range of services including early treatment of illness and injury, prevention, nutrition education, health promotion/outreach services.
  • The Counseling Center: When personal problems, career questions, or relationship issues interfere, Counseling Services staff are prepared to help students attain their personal and academic goals. The Counseling Center is staffed by licensed and board certified psychologists and a psychiatrist, clinical therapists, advanced doctoral psychology trainees, psychiatric residents, and undergraduate paraprofessional volunteers, all of whom are trained to help students with a wide range of personal problems, emotional and psychological difficulties, career questions, and relationship issues.
  • ULifeline: ULifeline is an anonymous, confidential, online resource center, where college students can be comfortable searching for the information they need and want regarding mental health and suicide prevention.
  • Student Health Insurance - CampusCare: CampusCare is a comprehensive package of supplemental health benefits designed to provide protection against unexpected accidents and illnesses.


  • Honors Societies: A list of Honors Societies for freshmen, transfer or continuing students.
  • Engineering Societies: A list of engineering societies in UIC and other universities.
  • Campus Advocacy Network (CAN): The Campus Advocacy Network (CAN) is an innovative program that provides a team approach to advocacy in order to assist UIC students, staff and faculty who are victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, stalking and hate crimes.
  • Get Involved in Volunteer Experiences (GIVE): GIVE serves primarily as an information resource. In the GIVE offices, students can learn of many individual long-term volunteering opportunities all around Chicago. Along with the help of a GIVE representative, students will be able to identify an opportunity that will match their needs and interests. GIVE offers many unique and meaningful experiences for students to develop and improve leadership skills and gain valuable work experience. In addition, through the Steering Committee, the GIVE office informs interested student organizations of one-time group volunteer events and opportunities through e-mail.


  • Academic Computing and Communications Center (ACCC): The ACCC manages many computer labs and is responsible for networking, software Webmail account management
  • Honors / ACCC Computer Lab: Located in the basement of Burnham Hall in room B11, the new and improved Honors College computer lab has 25 all new workstations with LCD monitors and optical mice.
  • Micro/Station: Micro/Station UIC Computer Store offers discounts on computer hardware and software, Mac and PC.