Student Organizations

Honors College Advisory Board

HCAB is the official Honors College student activities organization that plans and implements a number of events each year. HCAB serves as the voice of the student body in meetings with the Dean of the Honors College, and its President represents the study body on the Honors Council. HCAB general body meetings are open to all Honors College students, and can serve as an opportunity to get involved in the Honors College and/or share questions or concerns. Elections to serve as an executive board member are held in the spring, and committee chairs are selected by the incoming executive board. For more information, visit the HCAB website.

Society of Future Physicians

The UIC Society of Future Physicians is a student organization for pre-medical students to discover what a medical career is all about. The society delivers information regarding the medical school application process and coordinates activities that give insight into the work and lives of physicians. For more information, visit the Society of Future Physicians website.

Honors College Student Organization Policy

Each Honors College student organization must have a designated advisor who can guide students in areas concerning organizational event planning, facilities, financial budgeting, expense accountability, and other areas. Student organizations recognized by the Honors College are eligible for numerous benefits, including:

  • The ability to hold events in Honors College facilities
  • The opportunity to post appropriate announcements on Honors College bulletin boards, through the Honors College listserv, and on the Honors College website, Facebook page, and/or events calendar;
  • Eligibility for Honors College Student Engagement Grant funding

Responsibilities of all Honors College student organizations include:

  • Familiarity and compliance with Honors College policies and procedures as described in the Honors College Handbook;
  • Maintenance of Registered Student Organization (RSO) status at UIC;
  • A clearly articulated Mission and Vision statement;
  • An organizational make-up of an Executive Board with at least 50% of the members being currently enrolled Honors College students;
  • Consistent reporting of updated information to the Honors College;
  • Adhering to the Honors College Student Code of Conduct.

The Honors College may, at any time, deny or withdraw support for any Honors College student organization.