Sample Seminars


Honors College Seminars: 2009-2012

Badi Boulos, EOHS Biochemical Basis of Public Health
Blaise Borwn, DENT Reaching for Higher Ground: 21st Century Ethics
Elizabeth Calhoun, Julie Hoff, Jack Zwanziger, MED Introduction to Clinical and Translational Sciences
Catherine Caporusso Feminism in the 21st Century
Catherine Caporusso The Supreme Court and the Bill of Rights
John Coumbe-Lilley, KINES Greatness
Houshang Darabi, ME Systems Engineering
Andrew Dykens, PUBH Global Health Advocacy
Joel Ebert Cultural Capitalism . Civic Engagement and Charity in the 21st Century
Shahrbanoo Fadavi, DENT Early Childhood Caries: An Early Infectious Disease
Sarah Franz Introduction to American Sign Language and Deaf Culture
James Gilespie, CBA Healthcare Entrepreneurship
James Gilespie, CBA Starting a Healthcare Private Practice: Dentist, Doctors, and Pharmacists as Entrepreneurs
Mark Grabiner, KINE Longevity..It’s up to you
John Hetling, BIOE Traditional Bowhunting: History, Engineering, and Ethics
Henry Howe, BIOS Science and Society: Projecting Expertise in Public Controversy
John Huntington, ENGL The Odyssey
John Huntington, ENGL The Aeneid
John Huntington, ENGL Homer.s the Iliad
Peter Ji, PSCH Being an Ally to the LBGT Community
Laura Junker, HON Cultures of Southeast Asia
Lisa Lee, Hull House Working for Peace and Social Justice in the Legacy of Jane Addams and Hull-House Settlement
Allan Lerner, International Affairs International Affairs: A Diplomatic Perspective
Richard Magin, BIOE Introduction to Medical Imaging
Robert Paul Malchow, BIOS The Nobel Prize in Physiology / Medicine
Michael Miller, CBA Honors Seminar on Leadership
Fred Nickl Introduction to Legal Writing
Laura Pawuk Complementary and Integrative Medicine
Laura Pawuk Introduction to the Psychology of Music
Laura Pawuk Music Therapy – Music Medicine Level I
Laura Pawuk The Role of Music in Social and Political Change
David Perry, Rachel Weber, CUPPA Great Cities: UIC.s Metropolitan Commitment
Beth Powers, OSSP Scholarship and Fellowship Forum
John Ramsey, CL The Golden Age of Athens.
John Regalbuto, CHE A Structured Approach to Professional Ethics
Karina Reyes, PSCH Living in a Diverse Society
Jaroslav Schejbal, ENGL Be Your Own Literary Critic
Jaroslac Schejbal, ENGL Edgar Allen Poe, Father of the American Detective Story
Jaroslav Schejbal, ENGL Ernest Hemingway and Literary Modernism
Jaroslac Schejbal, ENGL Henry James and the Art of the Short Story
Jaroslav Schejbal, ENGL History of the Short Story as a Literary Genre
Jaroslav Schejbal, ENGL Literary Realism and Naturalism: Two Sides of One and the Same Coin?
Jaroslac Schejbal, ENGL The First World War and American Literature
Jaroslav Schejbal, ENGL The Southern Literary Renaissance and History: Living on Borrowed Time?
Jaroslav Schejbal, ENGL William Faulkner and the American South in Literature
Barbara Simmons, NURS Violence in America: The Healthcare Response
Augustine Sohn, COM Pioneers of Surgery
Bhama Srinivasan, MATH Three Plays Concerning Scientists
Karen Su, AARCC Homes and Homelands in Asian American Literature
Hugo Teruel, LARES Influence of Latin American Music in the US
Brandon Valeriano, POLS Sports, Politics, and Ethnicity
Marlos Viana, OPHTH The Study of Symmetry in Application
Paul White Threats, Interests, and Power: Evaluating American Grand Strategy in the Post- 9/11 World
Charles Woodbury, PHARM Water: The Matrix of Life