There are two major requirements for remaining in the Honors College:

1. Grade Point Average

All Honors College students are required to maintain a minimum 3.4 cumulative grade point average for all coursework taken at UIC

2. Honors College Activity Units and Capstone

All Honors College students complete an Honors Activity each fall and spring semester in order to accumulate the required number of Honors Units. This includes an Honors Capstone project in the senior year. The total required Units varies, depending upon whether a student enters the Honors College in the freshman year or later. See the links below to determine your requirements:

Please consult the Honors College Handbook for additional details.

Types of Honors Activities

First-Year Honors Activity Requirement for Freshmen:

Honors College Core Courses – 3 HU each

Students joining the Honors College as freshmen must enroll in a 3-credit Honors Core course each semester of the freshman year (two courses total by the end of the first year).

Core courses count toward students’ degree requirements and may fulfill university general education requirements. The Honors College updates the list of available Core courses each semester, which is available here.

First-Year Seminar – 1 HU

All Honors College freshmen must also register for a 1-credit first-year seminar in their first semester. The options vary depending on students’ major. Your Honors College academic advisor will help you register for the appropriate seminar during Orientation.

Honors Activity Options for Upper Division Students:

Upper Division Seminars (at least TWO required) – 1 HU each

All Honors College students must complete the following two upper-division seminars before entering the senior year:

  • HON 201: Honors Seminar (topics vary) (1 credit hour, S/U grading)
  • HON 301: Foundations for the Future (1 credit hour, S/U grading)

An updated list of seminar options is available each semester here.


Honors Sections of Regular Courses – 3-5 HU

Honors Lectures (HON 200) – 1 HU

Honors Supplement to a Regular Course 1-2 HU

Independent Study and Research – 1-3 HU

Advanced Coursework Outside the Major – 3-5 HU

Student Service – 1 HU

Study Abroad