Fellow and Capstone Advisor of the Year

Fellow of the Year


Dr. Nancy Cirillo

Professor Emerita, Department of English

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Honors Faculty Fellows are individually assigned to provide personalized advising and mentoring to students. Each year, Honors College students nominate Fellows to be honored as “Fellow of the Year.” We are honored to award the 2015-16 title to Professor Nancy Cirillo, Professor Emerita in the Department of English in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Professor Cirillo’s academic interests include Caribbean Studies; Postcolonial literature, history and theory; the rise of fascism and colonialism; and nineteenth- and twentieth-century British literature and history.

Professor Cirillo’s nominator, Rafid Rahman, illustrated why she is so deserving of this award by stating in his letter, “…she always ensures that she is there for you, no matter the request, she is amazing at supporting her students and their goals. [Although she is] an English professor, Dr. Cirillo has helped me set up my medical career…and has done research on her own time to make sure she is up to date and can offer the best advice possible…Her support and mentorship has been integral to my success at UIC.”

Fellow of the Year Dr. Nancy Cirillo

Capstone Advisor of the Year


Dr.Eileen Hacker

Associate Professor, Department of Biobehavioral Health Science

College of Nursing

The Capstone Advisor of the Year award is given annually to a faculty member for their outstanding mentorship of Honors College students’ Senior Capstone projects. This year’s Capstone Advisor of the Year is Dr. Eileen Hacker, Associate Professor in the Department of Biobehavioral Health Science in the College of Nursing. Dr. Hacker’s teaching focus includes scientific reasoning and statistical content for nurse scientists and practitioners, in addition to the care of people with cancer across the disease trajectory. She has won numerous awards, including a Teaching Recognition Award and Excellence in Research Award.

Dr. Hacker was nominated by Miglena Garkova, who said, “Dr. Hacker is an exceptional mentor… She is skilled at providing the undergraduate student the tools they would need to guide them into research practice…This being my first research endeavor, I felt like I was in great hands.”

Capstone Advisor of the Year Dr.Eileen Hacker

Former Fellows of the year

Former Capstone Advisor of the Year