Become a Fellow

MaryLou Bareither speaks to a student at the Honors College Luncheon

If you are interested in becoming a Fellow please fill out the Honors College Fellows application. This is a great opportunity to welcome incredible students as members of the academic community, encourage them to identify with that community, and develop a relationship with students that fosters such identification.

Honor College Fellows serve as sources of information about the department, the campus, graduate school, and careers. You will also serve as a sponsor and advocate for the student – encouraging the student to take advantage of academic opportunities, calling departmental colleagues’ attention to the student’s abilities, writing letters of recommendation, etc. Fellows encourage students to pursue academic excellence and serve as role models of scholarly achievement.

Additionally, Fellows have opportunities to develop and teach seminars and core courses in the College, join advisory committees, and serve the College as admissions interviewers, student organization advisors, or capstone supervisors, etc.

Prospective and new Fellows participate in a one-hour new Fellow orientation meeting with one of the College’s academic associate deans. Prior to the meeting they are given a link to the Honors College handbook, which outlines the mission and activities of the College and the role of the Fellow. New Fellows meet individually or in pairs with an associate dean, who walks through the student experience in the College–from recruitment and admission, to freshman advising and activities selection, to Capstone Project, to graduation and post-graduate placement. Through this lens, the Fellow learns contextually of his or her role as a personal mentor to 2-6 students of the sophomore level or above, whose academic or professional interests match those of the Fellow and whose Honors Activities (such as coursework, service, research, etc.) and Capstone experience the Fellow will approve from semester to semester.

During new Fellow orientation, the associate dean gives the new Fellow a tour of the Honors College facilities in Burnham Hall and introduces him or her to all the staff members (admissions, advising, development, operations, IT, etc.) and to the Dean and any students, as available. The Fellow leaves the orientation meeting with a printed copy of the Honors College handbook and an open invitation to spend time in the College and to email or call with questions at any time.

List of current fellows