About Research

As a leading research University, the University of Illinois at Chicago is on the cutting edge in world-renowned research of all types. Honors College students have a unique advantage to become engaged in research early on in their academic careers. Students can take part in research through the URE program (see below), independently, or through a variety of other opportunities. Participating students may apply research toward their Honors Activity requirements, and in many cases may use their research as the basis of their Capstone project.

Undergraduate Research Experience (URE)
UIC has a wealth of outstanding researchers, and the Undergraduate Research Experience Program gives Honors College students an opportunity to work with some of them. The range of research activity is wide, including business, education, engineering, the humanities and the arts, the natural sciences, mathematics, and the social sciences.

The Honors College provides awards for students looking to fund undergraduate research endeavors. Check out our scholarships page to view various awards.

Student Research Forum
The Student Research Forum provides a platform for students to present their research through posters and presentations. Formal talks as well as workshops pertaining to undergraduate research and graduate study are also organized as a means to encourage students to take part in research.

For more information, please email us at uic.urs@gmail.com or visit our website.

Abstract Writing Workshop (HON AWW-Spring 2011) Spring Semester 2011
This workshop is about how to write an abstract for your research. Abstracts are used when submitting a presentation or poster proposal of your work to be included at a conference. Abstracts are also published in peer reviewed journals.

The following forms of this workshop are available on-line. Click on the media link of your choice below:

Poster Presentation

A presentation on how to create a great poster for your research. The videos are separated into 3 parts.