Advantages of a Small College

Opportunities of a Large University

"Being a member of the Honors College has allowed me to find a community of peers and a network of advisors that constantly push me to expect more from myself. Having friends that are just as ambitious – and as anxious – has me helped calm my nerves as I took the journey to figure out who I want to be as both a young man and as a scholar."

- Cristian Nuno, Urban and Public Affairs, Class of 2016

"During my last year at UIC, the Honors College held a panel discussion on law schools and the law school application process. At the end of the discussion the Dean at the time introduced me to the Dean of Admissions at the University of Chicago Law School. To make a somewhat long story short, I applied to the U of C and was accepted early decision. To this day, I think the panel discussion put on by the Honors College and the subsequent conversation that I was able to have played a large role in both my decision to apply to the U of C and my acceptance. I would be honored to give back to the Honors College in any way I can."

- Carshae Davis Dahl, Honors College Alumna

"When you work with Honors students on specific projects, you get to advise them on projects that they don’t get the opportunity to do in the classroom"

- Dr. Zizi Papacharissi, Professor and Head of the Department of Communication, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences